As a full-service production studio, we’re experts at creating branded stories of all shapes and sizes (video, editorial, photography—you name it). We offer a turn-key experience, combining our in-house production capabilities with Blue Ant’s proven recipe for compelling content.

What it means to be a Blue Ant?

Blue Ant Media is a global content powerhouse that has produced thousands of hours of original content.
Standing atop those shoulders, we connect you with subject matter experts, brand thought-leaders and creative storytellers. And because everything is in-house, we’re able to do a lot with a little.

Stories of all shapes + sizes

We know that the viewer experience is different across every platform. That’s why we’ll never use the words “cutdown”, “generic” or “reformat.” We’ll develop your story specifically for where it’s living.

Getting your story heard

Media strategy and amplification are just as important to brand storytelling as the plot itself. 
Whether it’s leveraging Blue Ant’s owned and operated media channels or finding the right eyeballs outside our network, we make sure the right audience sees, hears, and engages with your story.

We love hellos. They start conversations that could lead to great relationships, and great work.